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How It All Began

Ever since I was a kid and knew what it was, I wanted to show at New York Fashion Week; I had even told myself in college that it would be cool to showcase a collection there before I turned 30.


It was a dream realized when I was walking down a glossy runway on a rooftop in Soho on Broadway. After the show, I walked down seven flights of stairs (in heels!) and contemplated everything that I had to learn to handle, like my stress and anxiety. It wasn’t at all what I expected, but I had an incredible time and look forward to doing it again.

NYC Skyline BW

About Rebecca

Our founder and creative director has always been inspired by her family heritage, and a world full of beauty and color; REDxRB draws inspiration from those roots

Building on her dedication to beautiful and quality works of artistic fashion, Rebecca desires to create sustainable, timeless, and empowering pieces that reflect the West Coast aesthetic of joyful expression.

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